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​To Lower Aish Bunkhouse and Camping Barn


We are situated in Poundsgate on the beautiful South side of the Dartmoor National Park. Our bunkhouse has some of the best views on Dartmoor, with fantastic main road access from the A38 between Exeter and Plymouth.


If you are interested in making the most of Dartmoor, whether school groups, canoeists, or just interested in walking/climbing or riding, then Lower Aish offers the perfect base.


We are proud to boast that we have become eco friendly and the main house and bunkhouse are predominantly run by our own electric. In fact we are 99.9% renewable for electricity and heat. (I  will bore you about it if you ask). This is achieved via a small water turbine, solar pv, solar thermal and a ground source heat pump.


We look forward to welcoming you,                                                                          Mark Wilkinson

Mark Wilkinson
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